📌The sucCess story of #NewBottega #BottegaVeneta #LaCerise 🍒

1. The House story 

Bottega Veneta is an Italian luxury house founded in 1966. It creates a braided pattern in leather nicknamed intrecciato , and it becomes the brand's signature. 
In 2005, Tomas Maier restores the brand to its former glory and bring the #braided signature up to date. But it's Daniel Lee, in 2019, who will add the young, 
fresh and modern touch and will allow Bottega Veneta to reach new heights🔝


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2. The designer

💡 Daniel Lee was director of Ready-to-Wear Design at #Céline, and is placed for the first time in his career, artistic director at #BottegaVeneta in 2019.

💡At only 32 years old and almost unknown, he received 3 prestigious #awards at the #FashionBritishAwards2019.  #glory

💡Daniel Lee's signature is defined by a fair balance between ultra-simple accessories with a #strange detail, an unexpected volume, in fact a fashion quirk. #trends

💡As a child he considered himself as an outsider, and it's this detail that makes his #success today 


3. The Trend

Daniel Lee sets the trend by offering us avant-garde & futurist collections. Bottega Veneta brings a bold design with #original shapes and reinvents structures such as #mesh pumps, square toe sandals and the #Pouch bag #musthave #wanted


The British designer makes the iconic intrecciato leather braiding the most #fashionable element of the moment by making it appear excessively in his collections and by leveraging the Bottega Veneta #heritage.

The success of #NewBottega is due to strong and remarkable pieces, quickly identifiable by its fashion signature and does not need a logo to be talked about.

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image2 (30)

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image5 (4)

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image2 (30)


4. The Award 🏆

The brand was right to bet on Daniel Lee to give it a new boom, as it emerged #victorious from the Fashion British Awards 2019.


The designer was crowned with three of the evening's most coveted awards: #BritishDesignerOfThe 
YearWomenswear, #AccessoriesDesignerOfThYear, and #DesignerOfTheYear.

It also allowed Bottega Veneta to be awarded the most coveted title of the ceremony: #BrandOfTheYear.  

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5. Street styles 
📌 The 5 strong pieces of Bottega Veneta 

🔥 The Pouch and Square toe mules #musthave

Inspo from Leonnie Hanne

image0 (32).jpeg

🔥  The soldier boots : inspo from Pernille

image1 (31).jpeg

🔥The square toe sandales: inspo from Linda Tol

🔥 The bottega Cocktail from minimal outfits to square toes and pouch accesories.

From Gala Gonzales, Erika Boldrin, Hanfire, Loulou de Saison & Beatrice Guttu.

image3 (29).jpeg

🔥The Mesh Pump from copenhagen street styles

image4 (26).jpeg


Keren Hassine 

Fashion Editor