new stakes for new year  

What's the show brings to the environement and society ?


A positive step in fighting the environmental impact. 

He developed sustainable hangers for his company made with 80 pour-cent of recycled Marin plastic. The designer is always looking to make the difference and to change impact on the planet 


Diversity and positivity 

A collection which can work for everything thanks to the use of stapling fabrics. This is giving more options for the silhouette whatever the shape , age and gender. 

Indeed the collection is bringing ya body positivity with a lot of diversity through the models shapes and gender.


A seabed & between heaven and hearth collection 

Jackpot for the shimmering use of fabrics still bringing the Mouret Delicateness and sensuality. The bicolor summer dress is half way between the earth blue and une Cooper orange.

Masculin pastel suits are reminding us fresh and nature.